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I was first introduced to Pickleball on holiday by 2 lovely American gentlemen in their 70s who kindly showed me how to play and I immediately fell in love with the sport! I couldn't wait to get back to Scotland to tell all my friends about it and start playing regularly. Unfortunately, there were no clubs in my area and tennis clubs in and around Perth would not entertain laying out a Pickleball court. I wrote to my local council sports organisation and fortunately they agreed to run Pickleball taster sessions in Bell's Sports Centre. Since then a number of people have starting playing. We now have a Pickleball club in Perth, Scotland, meeting twice a week! New players of all ages are welcome to join, please visit our clubs page for more information.

I've been in the website industry for over 20 years and decided to combine my skills and passion for illustration and Pickleball to offer merchandise with fun slogans for sale. The website also provides useful information to help promote the sport in Scotland and throughout the UK. Check out my full range of EAMZY ART products.

If you are in the market for a Pickleball Paddle in the UK I would recommend looking at UK Pickleball Shop they offer a wide range of paddles and good service. I use the Selkirk SLK Atlas Graphite Control Widebody Paddle (see photo) which is reasonably priced and perfect for me at my stage of development.

Our Blog of Pickleball articles is coming soon, I'm looking for contributors from all over the world. In return I can offer a link to their website, blog and social media and a mention on my social media.

In the UK, and in particular Scotland, due to the weather pickleball tends to be played indoors on a badminton court with a lowered net. The net should be 36 inches high at the sides and 34 inches at the centre, so if you haven't yet bought a portable pickleball net, lowering the top of the badminton net to half-way down the badminton net poles is usually the right height. It's great fun to play pickleball outdoors when the weather is good and it's easy to set up a temporary court if you have a flat area 44 feet by 20 feet (plus allowing some room to be able to run round the edge of the court) and a portable pickle or mini tennis net. It's often possible to fit a pickleball court on just one side of a tennis court so you can have one on each side of the tennis net for a pickle party! I have pickleball court tape and portable pickleball nets for sale on my site which you might need. Below is a useful video from the Pickleball Channel on how to measure and mark out a temporary pickleball court.

How to set up a temporary Pickleball court

Pickleball Court Layout and Dimensions

Anne playing Pickelball in Algarve

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